aurora estate local playspace epping vic

project details

project: lehmann's farm park

designer: ric mcconaghy in collaboration with justin staggard

documentation: justin staggard pty ltd

contract administration: jspl & rmpl

client: places victoria

location: broadleaf drive, epping

suppliers: allplay, herb jerscher, park equip

artist: art dinouveau

concept graphic development: david beevers of software choice pty ltd

  • concept design plan
  • Lehmans Park Farm - After Aerial

design objective

This site within the development has a stronger European influence so we have created a space that reflects the agricultural and domestic activities that would have taken place at the time of Lehmann’s Farm being an operational dairy.

We have created pasture, processing and past domestic spaces that would have been associated with the dairy and taken some small elements into the adjacent spaces to tie the four quadrants together.

The past domestic space provides digging, discovery, intepretive elements, a swinging gate and a lone Peppercorn tree - the latter being an honorary Australian that was present in almost every school ground and farm. There are artefacts to be discovered in the digging patch, bones to be uncovered and a range of mediums to dig in around the vege patch, complete with large pumpkins to perch on.

A range of fun fences separate the spaces, some for clambering over, others for sneaking or peeking through, that connect with other spaces. The pasture area has a range of raised (artificial) turf mounds to represent the boundless paddocks that cows roam within. They will be fun to run and roll up and down. On top of the highest hoill is a large shady tree for sitting on hot summer days. Atop the adjacent slope are a pair of large fabricated gum boots for children to slip their feet into and overlook their estate. Of course, the loyal Australian cattle dog stands poised to respond to any command. Cows stand around ruminating in the pastures and there are post and rail fences to scramble over.

The upper area reflects some of the processes of the dairy including the agitator (spinner), the cheese block scramble, the butter block and hay bale seating and the movement activated sound element that has a series of random dairy sounds.

The iconic stainless steel milk urn make up the two main iconic element - the spilt milk slides and and the milk urn musical elements. These elements are placed within a maze with discovery elements, timber walkways and ramps and hidey holes. Above the slide, to provide shade, is the rustic timbered, galvanised iron, lean to shelter.

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