project: Marysville Gallipoli Park Playspace

client: VBBRA, Marysville and Triangle Development Group

designer: ric mcconaghy

documentation: Outlines

contractor: Street Scapes

suppliers: Allplay, Brandfuel, Kompan, Megatoy, Playrope, Rubbertough

artist: Art Dinoveau, Bruno Torfs, Frost, Phil Stray, Julia Peddie and the children and community members of Marysville and surrounding towns

concept graphic development: david beevers of software choice pty ltd

Untitled photo

An incredibly special project driven by a bunch of committed mums including jane, lisa and sharon, a prolific art facilitator in julia peddie, and with wonderful support from VBBRA and the Murrindindi Shire, and participation in a multitiued of ways from the entire community of Marysville and many from surrounding towns. even his holiness the Dalai Lama got involved and engaged. the space at the end of the main street incorporates a reflective garden, gazebo, living scultpure and extended naturalistic all abilities playspace. through an extensive consultation process the community created a wonderland of explorative, imaganative and active play opportunities that are embraced by Steavensons River and Leary's Creek. there are layers of opportunity and many links to the surrounding environment to be discovered.

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