project: thompson reserve

location: Reserve Rd & Barton Rd, Artarmon NSW

client: Willoughby City Council

designer: ric mcconaghy whilst director of brecknock consulting

contractor: Linken Landscapes

suppliers: Ausplay, Kompan

artist: Phil Spark, Mick Purdy, Simon Oxley

Modifying a consistent slopes to create a series of interlocking circular platforms each with a unique activity including climbing, swinging, spinning and sandplay linked by a series of stepping stones, rock scrambles and stone balancing walls. Separation is created by different planting schemes including a Turpentine forest, Gleditzia canopies, a conspiracy of Casuarinas and robust Lomandra grasses. The bubbler is located such that the spillage serves to feed a Swamp Cypress which gets a drink every time a child takes one and will ultimately become an enormous landmark at the top of the space. A surprise exists adjacent to the swing consisting of three reflecting sunflowers that point to different parts of the park and in which you can see yourself if you swing high enough. A sandstone amphitheatre with a porfry stone labyrinth incorporated into the surface allows space for reflection and quiet time.

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